ICYMI Father's Day is THIS Sunday, and although this year things are looking a bit different, we still want to celebrate all Dads! So in honor of the big day check out these superstar Dads in music! You are so not ready for this... Let the cuteness commence!

Dads In Music Option 2.png

1. McFly's Tom Fletcher - Buzz, Buddy and Max















Photo: Instagram @tomflectcher

We had the pick of a couple of the McFly boys, however how could we resist Tom Fletcher and his three kids, Buzz, Buddy and Max! Just look at them! They are a boy band in the making!



2. John Legend - Luna and Miles   

Photo: Instagram @johnlegend

Well duh! Obviously John Legend was going to have cute kids! We thought Luna was the cutest kid around and then came Miles! He is just adorable and is the spitting image of John! Check them out on Instagram, they do not disappoint! (Oh and Crissy Tegan is probs the funniest gal out there)



3. Kanye West - North, Saint, Psalm and Chicago

Photo: Instagram @kanyewestt_official

Check out Kanye's Famye! Just on a casual practical photo shoot as always 😏 




4. JLS' Marvin Humes - Alania Mai and Valentina

Photo: Instagram @marvinhumes

Here's Marvin with his gorgeous daughters Alaia Mai and Valentina. AND he's got another one on the way! Pretty cool pop star parents eh. Oh and you can catch him and the other JSL boys this November. 




5. Ozzy Osbourne - Kelly Osbourne

Photo: Instagram @ozzyosbourne

The apple doesn't fall far from this tree! Here's Brummie legend Ozzy and daughter Kelly one of our fave Daddy Daughter Duos of all time!




6. FooFighter's Dave Grohl - Violet

Photo: Instagram @davegrohlrp

Now we couldn't miss out the nicest man in rock Dave Grohl now could we! Here he is with his daughter Violet!




7. Jay Z - Blue Ivy

Photo: Instagram @jayzz_offcial

AND last but by absolutely NO means least, Jay-Z and one of his daughters Blue Ivy! Pictured here watching the Los Angeles Lakers having a special daddy daughter day out! We love this!