Today is the day, we’ve served our last gig as the Genting Arena and we’re paving the way for a brand era, the Resorts World Arena era! We’re still the same great venue, same fantastic location, just with a snazzy new name.


We know that a lot of you refer to our place by loads of different names, probably because it was called something different when you last visited us - NEC Arena, LG Arena, Genting Arena, ThatArenaOffTheM42 Arena *that’s never been our official name by the way*, we’ve heard it all - but forget everything you once knew and get ready to embrace the future… so, next time you’re bragging to your mates about bagging some super hot gig tickets, make sure you tell ‘em it’s at Resorts World Arena!

So, what’s the point in changing our name? Will this impact on your visit? And how on earth are you going to find it now?..hopefully this lot will give you all the answers you desire

Why have you changed your name?
We’ve had a fabulous few years as Genting Arena, bringing you some of the biggest shows, concerts and gigs in the world including Adele, Justin Bieber, Disney On Ice, BBC Sports Personality Of The Year, Kylie, Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, Paul Weller, Harry Styles and loads more - but - the main reason we’re rebranding as Resorts World Arena is to bring us closer to our mates over the road, Resorts World Birmingham. We sit next to each other, so, it makes sense that we share the same name, right? Like we said earlier, we’re still the same great venue, just with a brand new name!

When does the change officially happen?
If you’re reading this, then it’s already happened! We officially launched as Resorts World Arena at 10am on 3rd December 2018. Our first official event will be the amazing Jeff Wayne’s War of the Worlds on Saturday 8th December… and we cannot wait!

What changes will I see?
You’ll see the big Genting Arena logo above the doors and on top of the venue change to a snazzy new Resorts World Arena sign. You’ll see our Facebook name change to Resorts World Arena and our Twitter and Instagram channels will swap to RW__Arena (that's two underscores if you're looking to tag us - someone pinched the handle with one). You won’t need to re-follow us, just sit back, relax and enjoy a host of brand new events announcing real soon!

On top of that, we’ve also got a brand new all singing, all dancing Resorts World Arena website. Our homepage has changed, our event pages are designed to give you all of the information you lovely fans need AND we’ve added a little feedback feature, so if you find something you love (or something you hate - hopefully not) then you can tell us direct from your laptop, phone or tablet! PS, be honest, don’t pull any punches, if there’s something we can do to improve your experience, then we’ll do it!

How on earth are you going to find us now?
Easy - we’ve not upped sticks and moved down the road, don’t worry. We’re in the same location that we have been for the last few decades. We’re in the same place as the NEC Arena, LG Arena and the Genting Arena - so if you’ve visited one of those before, you just need to head there again when setting off for Resorts World Arena.

I’ve got tickets for an event, how does the name change impact on my visit?
It won’t impact on your event at all - any tickets you’ve purchased through our official box office, The Ticket Factory, will still be valid, so you don’t need to do a thing. As always, we’ll keep you posted and be in touch near your event date. If you’ve got any specific concerns about your tickets, then please speak direct with the ticket agent you used to buy them, and they’ll be able to give you all the answers as they are the guys handling your booking!

How can I keep up to date with all things Resorts World Arena?
You can keep your finger on the pulse by following us on our social media channels, browsing our new Resorts World Arena website and signing up for email alerts to all your fave artists and shows!


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