This Halloween has been dominated by people dressing up as scary singers, haunting rappers and ghostly bands...and even a few musicians dressing up as fellow artists - so - as today's the day, we thought we'd celebrate the best and worst attempts. Spoiler alert, Post Malone features A LOT!

Halloween is the time of the year where we see people dressing up as weird and wonderful things, from scary poo emoji's to egg's and bacon - it just keeps getting weirder and weirder.

One thing you can always bank on is people dressing up as their favourite bands and artists...and it's not just Joe Public, celebrities also imintate fellow musicians to celebrate 31st October.

Here's a collection of our fave! Look out for Harry Styles' take on Elton, Matt Bellamy getting his guitar on and a whole load of Post Malones!

If you're anything like us, it's usually a last minute trip to the fancy dress shop, blobbing on the fake blood and ripping up an old shirt...but, hats off to some of these guys who go the extra mile!

Happy Halloween ya'll!