May may just be the tastiest month of the year!

The last thing we want to do is wish the year away, especially considering that our calendar is absolutely packed full of awesome live events and huge global stars…but in May, well, let’s just say there’s something special about May.

Not only have we got the return of wrestling’s finest superstars as WWE Live crashes back into Brum, we also end the month with Dire Straits legend Mark Knopfler…but if these two huge events are the bread in our monster May sandwich, then the fillings are straight up taste sensations.


We’ve buttered the bread and now it’s time for a bit of sauce, and there’s no better way to start your sandwich than with a dollop of Mur-onnaise! Yeah you’ve got it - on the 10th and 11th May, the cheekiest chap in pop swaps his seat on The Voice for a seat on the tour bus as Olly Murs makes his way to Resorts World Arena! It’s been a few years since Olly has brought his moves to Birmingham, so the thought of his return is getting us all giddy inside! Here’s what went down back in 2015 when he rocked our sister venue, Arena Birmingham.


So, we’ve got our bread, we’ve got our sauce and now, it’s time for another filling…and we’re hungry for some Buble and squeak. Granted, not the most conventional sandwich filling, but this Buble and squeak is so moreish, so smooth and so damn irresistible - this is the Michael Buble (and squeak). The global superstar joins us for two sell-out shows on the 20th and 21st May for a night of crooning, classic hits and obviously, that unmistakable voice! Who remembers back in 2010 when Buble grabbed a random kid from the audience to sing on stage? That happened at what was the NIA, now Arena Birmingham, here in Birmingham and now has over 22 million views on YouTube! Check it out here.



It’s time for our final filling. We’ve got our bread, our Mur-onnaise and a helping of Buble and squeak - now to wrap things up, layers and layers Monterey Jack Cheese! Now much like the artist this filling represents, it’s bold, it’s from overseas and he’s very tasty…sorry it’s very tasty…are we still on about the cheese? Anyway. If you haven’t guessed it already we’re talking about the iconic Hugh Jackman! The Hollywood superstar and man of the moment brings his first ever live show to Birmingham on the 27th and 28th May where we’ll see him perform hits from The Greatest Showman, Les Mis and loads more - if you’re banking on him donning his Wolverine claws, then think again.


Okay, so on reflection slapping mayo, cheese and bubble & squeak between two pieces of white bread may not sound like the greatest combination - but who’s going to say no to carbs, in-between carbs, with loads more dairy and carbs. Not us - we’re ready for seconds, bring it on!