Your safety and security is our top priority. Working together with local and national authorities, security measures at our Arenas are under constant review to ensure that they remain effective and proportionate.


We have comprehensive and integrated overt security measures in place including; tailored venue search operations, strategically placed security personnel, multi-purpose dog response teams and intelligence led CCTV monitoring.

In addition, extensive covert security measures are also in place, so whilst you may not see all operational security activity, you should be assured that activity is on-going, often behind the scenes.

We work in partnership with West Midlands Police, who often deploy a variety of resources to work alongside our teams.

These controls and other protective measures are in place across all NEC Group venues, throughout event periods and at all other times.

What can you do to help?

• We encourage you to arrive to the venue as early as possible, to allow more time for enhanced security checks.

• It is best for everyone if you do not bring a bag at all, however if you do, please only bring essentials with you:

Any bag larger than 42cm x 30cm x 15cm – that’s the size of an A3 sheet of paper

If you are unable to return an over-size bag to a vehicle/hotel then a £10 charge will be applicable for storage in an off-site facility.

A full list of prohibited items can be viewed here.

• Our security teams work hard to keep you safe, please be patient and help them by co-operating with their requests

• Customers who make any inappropriate comments to staff or other event goers, even in jest, will be refused entry

• As always, please remain vigilant and if something doesn’t look right, you should speak to staff or the Police who will take appropriate action.