The Americans making American music great again!

With this week’s news dominated by the US election, we thought we’d mark the occasion by celebrating some of the incredible Americans who are currently taking the world of music by storm! Some you’ll know, some you won’t and some will no doubt be your future favourites.


All you have to do is quickly scan through the Official UK Charts to spot those artists from over the pond who are dominating - from Ariana Grande (who's currently no.1) to Miley Cyrus, Cardi B to Jason Derulo, Chris Brown to Lady Gaga, these American's are continuing to pump out tune after tune which you lot are lapping up! However, we don't just want to mention those who are charting, there's a bunch of great artists from the USA both upcoming and already established! 


If we were to talk about ALL the great Americans from the world of music then we would be here for a life-time, so, today we're just focusing on a few who are currently making some big influential moves in the industry right now.





Bartees Strange burst onto the scene earlier this year with an EP of songs originally by The National, but re-worked with Strange's unique twist. He followed this up just last month with the release of Live Forever, an album which is an example of how one artist can bend so many genres. There's indie, hip-hop, jazz, rock all fused into one incredible piece of work. You might not know him now, but remember the name.






On the surface, Ariana Grande is a very polished, very successful pop-star, which perhaps she doesn't get enough credit for. But, dig a bit deeper and you'll discover all the amazing work she does for the LGBTQ+ community, fund raising for orphans, breaking barriers for women and empowering young females, heavily supports the Black Lives Matter movement as well as everything she's done (and is still doing) for the victims of the Manchester Arena attack. Her voice is fantastic, her beliefs are fantastic and yeah, she is just fantastic.




If we're talking about Americans making great music then we HAVE to mention The Killers and their brand new album Imploding the Mirage. If you haven't wrapped your ears around this yet, then you need to right now.





Another American responsible for an incredible new album in 2020 is rapper Jay Electronica. Act II: The Patents of Nobility (The Turn) is a masterpiece. A leak appeared on-line earlier on in the year, which forced the 44-year-old's hand and resulted in the official release of his 16 track LP...and wow, it's something else.




There are SO many up and coming Americans who are going to be household names in no time. Some are veterans who's shot at the big time is almost here, some a very new to the game, but they are all super talented. We're talking about the likes of Adrianne Lenker, Jazmine Sullivan, Sufjan Stevens, Drakeo the Ruler, Fiona Apple, the list goes on. These are the ones we are tipping. Hit them up on Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube and enjoy more amazingly fresh artists from the USA!