The Wonderful World of Disney On Ice - Ice Ride T&Cs

Enter a dazzling world of adventure at The Wonderful World of Disney On Ice! Join Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse on an inspiring walk down memory lane in celebration of magic and family fun. Here's everything you need to check out before entering the competition.

The Wonderful World of Disney On Ice Magic Carpet Cart Ride provides a unique opportunity for selected children to become part of the show. This live experience incorporates an exciting on-ice cart ride that allows participants to get up-close and personal with the characters during the “Prince Ali” scene within the show.

What will you win

  • Four tickets to the show here at Resorts World Arena on Sunday 7th April 2019 at 11:30am
  • Two Adult tickets and two Children tickets
  • Two children will then go onto the ice during the Aladdin section of the show
  • Children MUST be between the ages of 5-11 years old or the win will be void

Competition closes midnight Sunday 31st April with the winner being contacted 24 hours later via Facebook

The Experience            

  • The “Prince Ali” Cart Ride will take place approximately 26 minutes from the start of the show during the “Prince Ali” scene in the Aladdin segment in Act 1.
  • The ride will be approximately 3 minutes long and will conclude after the “Prince Ali” number.
  • Aladdin and friends will interact with the participants within the context of the choreography.
  • The Cart Ride is designed for children only, from 5 – 11 years of age.
  • Entry and exit will occur at the downstage left corner of the ice.

Interactive Ride FAQ

  • Refunds / exchanges are not available for patrons who arrive late or miss participation in the cart ride.
  • Refunds / exchanges are not available for anyone who cannot make the performance at 11:30am on Sunday 7th April 2019
  • Photography/videoing is not permitted by participants in the cart. Family members not participating are permitted to film or photograph their child while the child participates based on current Feld photography and videoing guidelines. 
  • The parents can wait with the children, but should not block the view of anyone in the house.