Tips to surviving lockdown

We know lockdown sounds (and at times is) super negative, with the days merging into one, your diet consisting of ready-meals and your attire, well, the less said about that the better. Here's a few tips which may help you get through the next few weeks!


It's one of the strangest, perhaps scariest time, some of us will have lived through with not only the UK but the hold World coming to a halt. Last week it was revealed that Britain's lockdown would be extended by a further three, the prospect sounds daunting, but you should try and see this as an opportunity. An opportunity to commit to making the most of this valuable time which we'll never get back. 


Here's our guide on surviving lockdown...



This is easier said than done, we understand, but focusing on the positives of the situation is key. As mentioned above, it's doubtful we'll ever get an opportunity like this again in our lifetime and although we're restricted to our homes, that shouldn't stop you from staying positive, keep your brain ticking over and possibly even enjoy the experience.



You're never too old (or too young) to learn and with all this spare time on your hands, now is the time to add something else to your belt. Whether it's picking up the guitar that's been collecting dust in the loft for the last few years, learning a new language or even just trying your hand at the DIY you've been putting off since forever - try and be productive, so you can look back on this time and think yeah, I'm happy with that.



Right, now this is all about balance. You'll probably be spending more time on your backside than you would in a usual week, so taking in less calories is probably wise. It's also good for your mind too. When you're venturing out for essential weekly shop, grab that fresh produce, your fruits, veggies, nuts, whole grains, all those tasty things which are full of the good stuff...that'll give you the power to get through these darker times. Equally, don't be scared to chuck in a pizza or a couple of bars of chocolate, because after-all, we're only human...and what is life without pizza?



Whether it's old classics you've not stuck your ears round for ages or discovering brand new artists and genres, fill this time with music. Music is the most amazing thing, it's powerful, it can control your mood, it can change your mood, it can quite simply be the saviour. Get on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, the radio, the internet, music is everywhere and there's so much of it. So get listening...and get singing (even if you can't sing).



We definitely recommend working out...we also recommend not comparing yourself to everyone on Instagram. Whether it's how many calories you burnt on your bike, how long it took you to run a 5k or how heavy the weights you're lifting, exercise for you. Exercise at your own pace. Exercise for fun, enjoy it and do what you can. Something is always better than nothing. You've got this! 



Thanks to technology, you'll probably see and speak with your family more than you usually would. A standard week for most is busy, with work, school runs, social life, exercise, sitting in traffic, standing on a train, overtime, shopping...sometimes it's hard to make time for the most important people in life. Now is that time. Your at home, your family are at home, so pick up your phone, laptop or tablet and talk, laugh, cry, celebrate...just be there for one and other. 



If you're missing night's out, gigs, parties, whatever is it. Round up your pals online, grab a few tinnies, stick some tunes on and have it large from the comfort of your home!


By the time you've done the above, everything will hopefully be back to normal. Final tip, make the most of it. Don't look back on this time and wish you would have done more. Now is the time!