We got a taste of Elton John's Farewell Tour!

We were lucky enough to head over to Amsterdam's Ziggo Dome to get a flavour of Elton's Farewell Yellow Brick Road Tour...and we're not ones for wishing the time away...but November 2020 really needs to hurry up - we can't wait for the show to hit Birmingham!

Elton John 1.jpeg

Last month, we hopped onto a plane, flew out to the Netherlands and witnessed the legendary Elton John live in concert ahead of his stop-off in Birmingham in November 2020. And it was simply iconic.


He doesn’t disappoint, his voice is still amazing and his piano playing, both on his own and jamming with his band who are clearly great friends that go back a long way, is breath-taking.


Check out his set list is here from the night.


The audience love it all as he plays classic hit after classic hit and the ginormous screen at the back of the stage is as integral in telling the stories, as the songs themselves.  


We think this is going to be the last chance to see him live before he gives it all up to spend more time with his family so don’t let the opportunity to say you were there pass you by.


He is the rocketman - now - bring on 2020!