Welcome to our FEARstival

Now, gigs aren’t happening at the minute and nor are festivals… which is obviously a massive downer for everyone who loves live music just as much as we do! However, as it’s Halloween this weekend and those spooky vibes are starting to drift in, we wanted to create our very own FEARstival! What’s a FEARstival I hear you screech!? Take a look now… if you dare!


We've put together our ideal FEARstival line-up which features a few artists who've had their names given a slightly terrifying twist, plus, a few bands who didn't need anything changing at all. Also, whilst we were putting this together, we were actually thinking what an INCREDIBLE line-up this would actually be. 


Here's our very (un)official FEARstival poster featuring the most spooktacular bill you'll ever see...



What a Friday night this would be to kick off our FEARstival! The one and only Rolling Bones headline this scarily good festival with the Boo Fighters, Dead Zepplin, Vampire Weekend and Fleetwood Drac taking to the main stage that very same evening. Friday would also see Stephen King's Of Leon, Radiodread, Vampire Weekend, Talking Deads, Razor(Blade)Light, Blood Hound Gang, Funeral For A Friend, Death Cab For Cutie, Skream, Papa Roach, The Horrors, Of Monsters And Men, Gravediggaz, Mos Death, The Frightning Seeds, The Darkness, Skindred and Catfish & The Boogiemen take to the stage, giving the FEARstival the perfect start!



What would help you recover from a huge first day at FEARstival? Hmm, maybe a couple paracetamol, few bottles of water and some decent food. But once you've got that down your gullet, it's time to consume more incredible live music. Dead Sheeran headlines the second day with Booyonce, Drakecular Ghost Malone and Jay-Z(ombie) head out before the main act. Have you seen who else we'd have popping up across all our super scary stages? Check it out on the poster!



Finally, wrapping off the fangtastic weekend of live music we have Arctic Mummies, Billie Ghoulish, Little Trix, Lady GahGah, Mariah Scary and Take Bat stepping out on the mainstage before making way for the last headline act of the FEARstival, Eltomb John! We'd also welcome Deadmaus, Paragore, Fatboy Slime, Ll Ghoul J, Tom Bones, (Ghost)Busted, The Screech Boys, Hollywood Vampires, Smashing Pumpkins, Ghostface Killah, Insane Clown Posse, Run The Ghouls, Werewolf Alice, Rick Ghastly, The Whoooooo, Alice In Chains and Scream Bandit throughout this day of hauntingly high quality entertainment!


Would you buy a ticket for FEARstival if it was a real music festival?