We're dedicated to delivering environmentally sound events - and here is how!

As one of the world's biggest and best indoor arenas, we're dedicated not only to giving you guys the best possible experience when you come to visit us, but we believe we have a big part to play in doing our bit for the environment! 

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We welcome hundreds of thousands of fans through our doors every single year, meaning we get through a fair bit of a waste from left over food, packaging and all the general rubbish which comes with putting on an event - if we didn't deal with the wastage in the best, most efficient way, we would be contributing to the ever-growing environmental problems the world is experiencing. And that just doesn't sit right with us.

So what are we doing?

Well, we convert our rubbish into energy, we operate on zero to landfill and 98% of our disposal packaging is recycled. Oh and our waste we convert into energy is used to support local power plants which helps keep the process ticking over. 


The guys who cook, create and serve all the fantastic food across our venue, Amadeus, keep sustainability at the top of their priorities and here's how they ensure they're not only providing great food, but contributing to a great environment too.



At the end of every fork customers can find quality, seasonal produce handpicked by Amadeus’ dedicated chefs. The guys aim to source produce as locally as possible – 80% of food and beverage served at our venue can be found within a 30-mile radius – meaning our food is not only fresh, but environmentally friendly.



As a business, Amadeus look to source the products which represent the best fit our venue. Where they do use plastic, they will source responsible plastic products. For example, the bottled water at Resorts World Arena is supplied by Princes Gate – their water bottles are made from 55% rPET (guaranteed to be from UK, postconsumer recycled bottles) and 45% PET. It is widely recognised that PET plastic uses less energy and produces fewer greenhouse gas emissions during manufacture than any other alternative packaging solution e.g. glass, cans, tetra pak. In this way, PET plastic represents the best packaging solution for the environment when recycled correctly.



We are passionate about waste management and with Amadeus working so closely with all their venues, including both Resorts World Arena and Arena Birmingham and they operate efficiently meaning waste is disposed of in the right way. As a venue we treat all waste so that glass, cardboard and paper waste is separated and recycled. Food waste is also separated and goes to anaerobic digestion. Waste that cannot be recycled or reused is incinerated to use for energy via a Birmingham City Council-run scheme at the nearby Tyseley Energy Waste Plant.



We committed to supporting local communities too – 60% of Amadeus' food and beverage suppliers are small and medium sized enterprises.



It's fantastic to say that 98% of Amadeus' disposable packaging spend is on sustainable products – be that recyclable, biodegradable or compostable.


We really do care about our environment and we will continue to do everything in our power to ensure that we become even more efficient, even more green and even more recyclable!