Celebrating #WorldBeerDay with our sponsor - Pravha!

It’s no secret that gigs and beer go together like rama lama lama ka dinga da dinga dong. Like salt & pepper, Mickey and Minnie, Batman and Robin, you can’t seem to have one without the other (responsibly)!

You may be wondering, ‘what beer do they serve at Resorts World Arena?’. Fortunately for us, the answer is Pravha!

Pravha Logo

Quick History Lesson

It is true that Pravha was born in Prague, both in name and spirit. Prague’s bold spirit was forged from the revolutions of the past; where creativity and a desire for independence ended an age of conformity and ushered in a bold new era of self expression and freedom. Despite its unique spirit, Pravha remains true to its roots.

Staropramen’s master brewers have always challenged traditional brewing techniques to find the perfect pilsner. Their goal was to make a pilsner that was both refreshingly light and full of flavour at the same time; they combined their brewing experience and quality Czech ingredients and thus, Pravha was born!

The Taste

How to put the taste of Pravha in a nutshell? An unexpectedly light and refreshing taste!

Where to get it

Pravha is available at Resorts World Arena and it pairs fantastically with bad dance moves, vocal riffs and insane events that'll stick in your memories for lifetimes to come - even if you've had one too many Pravha's!

Cheers, everyone! 🍻