• Can I bring my camera?

      We understand the desire to take a few snaps during the show, however every Event Promoter has their own policy regarding the admission of cameras and this can change at short notice. Small instamatic cameras and smartphone cameras are generally permitted by Promoters. Professional type cameras (those with the fancy interchangeable lenses) are a definite no-no unless you’re an officially accredited photographer covering the event. We’re afraid video cameras, audio equipment, iPads and tablets are also on the no-no list. If you bring a camera that’s not permitted for the event, you’ll be required to return your camera to your vehicle if you have driven to the arena, or leave your camera at the confiscation kiosk for collection after the show.

    • Can I bring food and drink to an event?

      No food or drink purchased outside Resorts World Arena is permitted to be taken inside. Should you wish to bring an item of food or drink with you due to medical or religious requirements please contact us using this form prior your to arrival. You should also check our confiscation list for prohibited items (e.g. glass bottles, cans etc.) before your visit.


    • Can I bring a banner?

      Generally, we discourage people from bringing large posters and banners to events as they can restrict the view of people sitting behind you. At the risk of getting your posters confiscated and upsetting other audience members, we would ask that you didn't bring them with you. Flags and banners with large poles will be confiscated for health and safety reasons.

    • Can I bring a pushchair?

      Please note that whilst you may bring your children to the venue in a pushchair, car seat or carry cot, we do not allow these items into the seating areas as a condition of our venue licence. Please leave these with Security on entry. They will give you a ticket and you can collect your items after the show.

    • What is deemed as unacceptable behaviour in the venue?

      Excessive intoxication, aggressive and antisocial behaviour may result in you being asked to leave or being removed from the venue.  Please be mindful of other customers safety and comfort around you.  If you have any concerns about the behaviour of any other persons around you then please speak to one of our team members at your earliest convenience.

    • Can I distribute leaflets at an event?

      Leafleting at events must be agreed in writing by the Concert Promoter in advance of the Concert date. For further information, please email [email protected]

    • How do I arrange a charity collection at an event?

      Please note that any charity collections must be agreed in writing by the Concert Promoter in advance of the Concert date. For further information, please email [email protected] 

    • Can you donate a prize for a charity raffle?

      Utilita Arena Birmingham is part of the NEC Group, which has taken the decision to support a single charity each year. We feel that by doing so we can make a greater impact, and currently we are supporting Alzheimer’s Research UK. Unfortunately, on this basis we are unable to support raffle requests, however we wish every fundraiser the very best of luck in their endeavours.

    • I've heard about the NEC Group Arenas' partnership with MelodyVR, how can I watch concerts in VR?

      We’ll soon be offering customers ‘virtual tickets’ for selected live shows at Resorts World Arena and our sister venue Utilita Arena Birmingham. We’ll keep you posted when these get confirmed and how to buy, but in the meantime there’s already a selection of ‘on-demand’ concerts available to buy via the MelodyVR app, on Oculus Go or Samsung Gear VR virtual reality headsets.  Check out the MelodyVR website for more information.

    • I am having problems purchasing tickets

      For queries about purchasing tickets you’re best bet is to contact our friends over at The Ticket Factory who run our official box office and ticket hotline - 0844 33 88 222 Calls cost 7p per minute plus your phone company's access charge. 

      To book tickets with wheelchair space or have any other specific accessibility requirements, please call our dedicated accessible booking line on 0800 640 5001.

      For Group bookings, usually for 10 or more tickets, call us on 0800 358 0058 or email [email protected]

    • How can I register for access to a presale?

      For certain shows, presale tickets might be on offer. This means you'll be access tickets before they go on general sale.

      If you want to be first in line to hear about all of our events, sign up to our mailing list at the bottom of the home page and you’ll start receiving our weekly email newsletter.

      When presale tickets go on sale, just follow the link we send you to buy yours!

      Tip: Also follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and we'll post when tickets are available.

    • I haven’t received my tickets yet, will they be posted to me?

      We aim to post tickets as soon as possible after you've bought your tickets. However tickets can be delayed up to 10 days before the event.

      Tip: You can track your order here.

      Tickets booked using a Credit or Debit card must be posted to the Card Holder's registered address. We are obliged to implement this rule under the terms of our contract with the Card Issuers (VISA, MasterCard, American Express etc.) and are unable to make any exceptions.

      Tickets booked using cards that are registered to addresses outside the UK, cannot be posted abroad and instead will automatically be held for collection at the venue Box Office regardless of the delivery method chosen at the time of booking.

    • My e-ticket won’t print/I have lost my e-ticket, what do I do?

      Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.  Just call customer services – run by our friends at The Ticket Factory- and they will be able to help you on 0844 338 0338

      Calls cost 7p per minute plus your phone company's access charge.

    • Can you scan my ticket on my phone?

      We can scan tickets on smartphones, however we always advise you to bring a printed copy of your ticket in the event the barcode doesn’t scan properly.

    • Where is the box office?

      The Resorts World Arena box office is located next to the main entrance of the venue.

      You’ll find the Utilita Arena Birmingham box office located on the Arena Floor level to the right of entrance E. This is accessible from both the North and South car parks.

    • What time does the box office open?

      The box office is usually open on show days at approx. 4pm. On certain show days, the box office may be open earlier or later dependant on the nature of the event. To confirm the opening times before travelling please check out the event page for your event or call 0844 581 1331. Please note, the box office is not open on non-show days.

    • How do I collect my tickets from the box office?

      Check what time the box office opens for your event, and head down with your ticket booking confirmation and photo ID.  Our box office team will take it from there.

    • I bought tickets as a gift but my name is on the ticket?

      We appreciate tickets are sometimes bought as gifts (after all, tickets are the best gift you can give). The name on the tickets will not affect the use of the tickets unless stated in the terms and conditions at the time of booking.

    • Do I need to bring ID to my event?

      If there is a strict ID policy in place for your event, we will notify you at the time of booking and in subsequent event communications.

    • Where’s my seat? / Are my seats any good?

      Seating varies for every concert, and the seating layout can be subject to change before the concert takes place. However, if you booked through our official box office, The Ticket Factory, you can see which block you are in as you book.  Alternatively, you can check out our various seating plans to use as a guide.

    • What does “restricted view” mean?

      A restricted view means there may be something partially obstructing your view of the event; this may be a pillar or a barrier.

    • How are ticket prices set?

      Ticket prices are set by the (independent) Promoters and Organisers of the concerts and events which are hosted at our arenas. The Promoters and Organisers distribute tickets for sale through various ticket agents and in effect The Ticket Factory (our official box office) simply acts as another one of these agents.  Please note that tickets might be a higher price when purchased on the night of the event.

    • What is an Administration fee?

      The Admin Fee is charged per order rather than per ticket. This goes towards the processing both physical and digital tickets, letting the venue know you’re coming and maintenance of our hardware.

    • What is a Service fee?

      We sell tickets for event organisers, concert promoters & venues. The organisers set the face value, and the revenue from the ticket is paid directly to them. To do this we need to charge a small fee on top of the face value of each ticket. This Service Fee covers our running costs; Our people (we need feeding), our software (keeps the website running) and everything else that we need in order to sell tickets (like keeping the lights on).

    • What is a Facilities fee?

      The introduction of a levy is commonplace across the ‘live’ industry; for example, the renovation charge applied by many theatres or the charge applied by the O2 Arena, London, which is known as a ‘facilities fee’.
      The facilities fee is a permanent feature of the ticket prices for Resorts World Arena and Utilita Arena Birmingham events to ensure that both venues offer superb facilities, attract world class artists and provide customers with fantastic experiences.

    • What is a Postage fee?

      The postage fee covers the postage and packaging of tickets of tickets in either the Resorts World Arena or Utilita Arena Birmingham.

    • Can you explain what secondary ticket agent means?

      A secondary ticket ‘agent’ or ‘seller’ is an outlet or person that re-sells second-hand tickets.  We always recommend using a primary ticket agent though, who is a STAR  accredited retailer, such as our official box office The Ticket Factory.  That way you can guarantee your money is in safe hands and your tickets are real.

    • How do you stop touting?

      If we are aware of any tickets sold by our official box office, The Ticket Factory, that have made their way to a secondary site other than Twickets – their partner ethical secondary ticket re-seller - and can trace them back to us, we will take steps to cancel them.

    • I can’t attend an event anymore, how can I get a refund?

      In a majority of cases tickets cannot be refunded or exchanged after purchase.  Please contact your original point of purchase for details.  If you bought through The Ticket Factory, you can view their ticket terms and conditions on their website.

    • What’s Amplify?

      Amplify is the official hospitality provider for Resorts World Arena and Utilita Arena Birmingham.  You can pre-book everything from single event packages to their most premium annual membership.  Check out the Amplify website.

    • I am arriving before my mates but I have the tickets, can I leave their tickets somewhere?

      We’re afraid not, you’ll need to enter the Arena together.

    • Can I get into the standing area with a seated ticket?

      No. Access is strictly limited to the area which your tickets are for.

    • Does my child need a ticket if they sit on my knee?

      Due to the sound levels experienced during an event and the long-term hearing damage this could cause, we strongly recommended by most venues that children under 5 should not attend concerts or events other than those specifically aimed at younger visitors, i.e. children's shows. Any interruption caused by young children/babies that directly affects other members of the audience may result in you being asked to leave the venue immediately.

      Children aged 2 and under attending children’s shows, and sitting on an adult’s knee do not need a ticket.  Please check the event details before booking.

    • What time does the venue open and what time does my event start?

      We often don't receive the actual performance times until closer to the event.

      These times are subject to change but you can find the latest times on your specific event page. Choose your event from our What's On page.

    • How do I get to the venue?

      Resorts World Arena is one of the best connected in the UK! Take a look at our Getting Here page for further information.

    • Where do I park and how can I pre-pay?

      Please go to parking at the Arena for everything you need to know about about parking.

    • How early can I start queuing?

      We understand that many fans are keen to arrive early, but please note that we don’t encourage any form of queueing prior to doors opening.  If the number of people on site becomes a health and safety risk, our security team will need to move people on until doors open. 

    • Do you operate a numbering system for the queue?

      No, we do not operate any queue numbering system, as we don’t encourage any form of queueing prior to doors opening.

    • Will I be searched? / Could I be refused entry?

      In the interest of safety and security, a body pat down and bag search may take place. The security process is a condition of entry - any refusal, or the use of abusive, threatening or discriminatory remarks; including comments relating to weapons or explosives, will result in access being refused.

    • Can I stand up and dance in my seat?

      It is accepted that at most concerts the audience will stand throughout the main artiste’s performance, and this is also stated on your ticket if you buy through our official box office, The Ticket Factory.  However, standing on seats and in the aisles is strictly prohibited on health and safety grounds. 

    • Will there be big screens at the event?

      Please note that where screens are used on a concert, this will be as part of the touring stage set, decided upon by the artiste and their production.  The venue does not provide screens for any concert and as such this facility is never guaranteed.

    • Will there be strobe lighting?

      Strobe lighting may be used during some performances. Patrons will be notified (most commonly via signage on screens) if a performance includes the use of strobe lighting.

    • Will I be filmed at an event?

      At certain times the Arena may be used to film promotional material, and by attending an event at the venue you consent to the possibility of being filmed.

      For public safety, crime prevention and detection purposes, CCTV images are being monitored (including by West Midlands Police) and recorded. Where appropriate and necessary, this may include the use of audio recording. For more information call 0121 644 7010

    • Am I allowed to mosh at a gig?

      Moshing can lead to the injury of others and is therefore prohibited at the Arena.

    • Can I crowd surf at a concert?

      Crowd Surfing is prohibited at Resorts World Arena and may result in ejection from the venue without a refund.

    • Is there places to eat and drink inside?

      We have a variety of food and drink outlets inside the Arena to suit a majority of dietary requirements 

    • Where can I smoke/vape?

      Smoking and vaping is not permitted anywhere in the building. A dedicated external smoking/vaping area can be found on the lakeside side of Forum Live. 

    • Does the venue have a cloakroom?

      Sorry, we’re afraid it doesn’t.  Therefore, we advise you only bring essentials with you.

    • Is there free WiFi?

      Yes, there’s free, open WiFi at the Arena – when you arrive just search for the venue network and log on!

    • What do I do if I need medical assistance when I’m at the venue?

      Please notify any member of staff or Security who will be able to help you. 

    • Can I leave the venue once I’m inside?

      Why would you want to leave us?!  On a serious note, we need to monitor the number of visitors in the venue, so once in the venue we do not permit them to come in and out as they wish. If you have a specific query, please speak to a member of our security team.

    • What is ‘cashless’?

      Cashless simply means just that - paying by card or contactless rather than cash.  

      Whether your grabbing a quick burger or buying a round of drinks for your mates, we want to make this as quick as possible for you.  Therefore, we're asking folk to ditch the dosh and pay by contactless or with your chip and pin card. This means a speedier service and you get back to having fun at the show quicker!

      Don't worry, when using card or contactless there are no additional charges.

    • My teenage daughter/son is attending a concert, how can they pay for food and drink without money?

      We are a cashless venue, therefore only card payments are accepted. We’re aware that a variety prepaid cards are now available, which will allow them to use our cashless tills. We accept all major prepaid cards and it means you can load as little or as much as you want them to spend on the night!

    • Can I get an autograph/shout out or send you fan mail to pass onto an artist?

      At the Arena we liaise with Production Managers and Concert Promoters rather than the artistes directly. This means we cannot guarantee any acknowledgement from the artistes themselves as the decision rests completely with their Tour Management.  

      We will ensure however, that any fan mail is passed onto the Tour Management on the day of the show. Please do not bring fan mail with you to the event, instead post it to us at: [Artist Name] Fan Mail, Resorts World Arena/Utilita Arena Birmingham XXXXX We do receive a lot of fan mail and cannot guarantee that it will be acknowledged, nor can we guarantee return of any items sent in. 

      We’d love to help you more, but beyond this we’re like a sunless Superman – powerless we’re afraid :(

    • Can I get backstage or have a meet and greet?

      Unfortunately, as a venue, we’re not responsible for the distribution of backstage passes, which are for working personnel only. Occasionally, meet and greet passes are won as competition prizes or offered as part of VIP tickets.  These are issued by the promoter not the venue, so please do not contact us to request backstage passes as we will be unable to help you.

    • Can I film an event?

      Please note that unauthorised filming of an event by audience members will not be tolerated. Anyone found to be filming illegitimately will have their equipment confiscated or risk ejection from the venue.

    • Can I take photographs? / Can I get a photo pass?

      We understand the desire to take a few snaps during the show, however every Concert Promoter has their own policy regarding the admission of cameras. It should therefore not be assumed that you’ll be allowed to bring a camera into the show, and unfortunately promoters may change their policy at short notice. In this event, you’ll be required to leave your camera at the confiscation kiosk for collection after the show.

      Professional type cameras (those with the fancy interchangeable lenses) are a definite no-no unless you’re an officially accredited photographer covering the event. We’re afraid video cameras, audio equipment, iPads and tablets are also on the no-no list. Small instamatic cameras and smartphone cameras are generally permitted by the promoter, but we’d recommend contacting us before the show to check what the particular camera policy is and avoid disappointment on the night.

      Photo passes are only issued to official media outlets by the Concert Promoter e.g. newspapers.  Professional photographers should contact them direct to request photo or filming passes.

    • Where can I buy merchandise?

      We have more merchandise than you can shake a stick at.  Official Merchandise kiosks are located in Forum Live/on the main concourse.

    • I have a question about merchandise I purchased at Resorts World Arena

      Concert merchandise sales are operated by venue merchandisers, National Merchandise.  They are contactable on [email protected]

    • There are people selling cheaper merchandise outside the venue, are they part of your company?

      No. These are unofficial merchandise sellers, and have no connection to the venue.  As they trade on public land, unfortunately they cannot be removed.  Those who purchase unofficial merchandise from these outlets do so at their own risk.

    • Are there any age restrictions at the venue?

      For all events at Utilita Arena Birmingham and Resorts World Arena, children under 14 years of age must be accompanied by a responsible adult aged 18+ with a valid ticket. On applicable shows, the ‘Standing Area’ of the arena bowl is not suitable for anyone under 14 years of age and we advise booking seated tickets if your party includes anyone under the age of 14.  The venue reserves the right to remove or reseat (if possible) any child in the standing area who appears to be under 14 for safety reasons.

      Please note, for a seated event the lettered blocks are flat floor so may not offer a view for small children.  We would recommend for all events that children under 14 are seated in the tiered (numbered) blocks.

      Due to the sound levels experienced during an event, the venue recommends that children under 5 should not attend concerts or events other than those specifically aimed at younger visitors, i.e. children’s shows.


      Children under the age of 1 that are attending a children’s show and sitting on an adult’s knee, do not need a ticket. We advise you to please check the event details prior to booking.


      Certain shows will also have their own specific age restrictions. Please check the relevant event page before booking to avoid any disappointment.

    • How old do you have to be stand at a concert?

      Under 14 year olds are not permitted on a standing floor.

      14 and 15 year olds are only permitted on a standing floor when accompanied by an adult aged 18yrs +.

    • Where are the baby changing facilities

      Baby changing facilities are located in every female and male toilet around the venue. 

    • I am visiting with a party of school children/students do you have a risk assessment?

      We work closely with show organisers to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our visitors at all times.

      The NEC Group Arenas have prepared a risk assessment form which can be used as a guideline. Completion of this form or your own company policy form covers your party in public areas.

      For all other queries please contact NEC Safety, Health & Environment on 0121 780 4141


    • Do you have a prayer room?

      We don’t have a dedicated prayer room at the venue.  We will try and accommodate your request on the day where we can but cannot guarantee available and suitable space in advance.

    • Can I get drinking water in the venue?

      Yes.  Water stations can be found in public circulation areas in the Forum (to the left of the main merchandise stand) and on the Arena concourses behind blocks 3 and 15.

    • What are your current security measures?

      Your safety and security is our top priority. Working together with local and national authorities, security measures at our Arenas are under constant review to ensure that they remain effective and proportionate.

      We have comprehensive and integrated overt security measures in place including; tailored venue search operations, strategically placed security personnel, multi-purpose dog response teams and intelligence led CCTV monitoring.

      In addition, extensive covert security measures are also in place, so whilst you may not see all operational security activity, you should be assured that activity is on-going, often behind the scenes.

      We work in partnership with West Midlands Police, who often deploy a variety of resources to work alongside our teams.

      These controls and other protective measures are in place across all NEC Group venues, throughout event periods and at all other times.

    • Will I be searched?

      In the interests of safety and security, a search will take place.  Please allow additional time for this process.

      The security search process is a condition of entry.  Any refusal or the use of abusive, threatening or discriminatory remarks, including comments relating to weapons or explosives will result in access being refused.

    • Our bag policy


      However, if you do, please only bring essentials with you and not the kitchen sink. You must only bring one bag that is no larger than 21cm x 30cm x 19cm – that’s the size of an A4 sheet of paper. This means we are able to search you quickly, and with minimal contact.

      There are no exceptions to our bag policy, so if you have brought a bag larger than what’s permitted you will not be allowed to enter with it.

      For full details on our bag policy, click here.


    • What items are not permitted to be brought into the venue?

      Our list of prohibited items is as follows :

      • Any item which is intended, or can be adapted, to be used as a weapon, or compromise public safety.
      • Controlled drugs that are held unlawfully.
      • Any item that could contravene our licence or cause disruption to the show or other visitors’ experience.  These include glass bottles, cans, flasks, alcohol, fake/replica weapons, picnic hampers, cool boxes, large flags/banners, helium balloons, studded belts, dog collars, trouser chains, sharp/large rings, large professional cameras with detachable lenses, video and audio recorders, tripods, selfie sticks, smoke grenades, flares and fireworks.
      • All above items will be confiscated on arrival and returned at the end of the show, which may delay your access and exit. 
      • Prohibited items may vary on a show by show basis – please refer to your event page for any additional restrictions.
    • What can I do to help?

      We encourage you to arrive to the venue in plenty of time, to allow more time for enhanced security checks.

      It is best for everyone if you do not bring a bag at all, however if you do, please only bring essentials with you:


      Any bag larger than 42cm x 30cm x 15cm – that’s the size of an A3 sheet of paper. Please see our Bag Policy above.

      A full list of prohibited items can be viewed above.

      Our security teams work hard to keep you safe, please be patient and help them by co-operating with their requests

      Customers who make any inappropriate comments to staff or other event goers, even in jest, will be refused entry

      As always, please remain vigilant and if something doesn’t look right, you should speak to staff or the Police who will take appropriate action.

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To view our Accessibility information, including a full FAQs section, please visit the Accessbility section of our website using the navigation bar at the top of the page.