Celebrating #WorldCreativity Day!

Resorts World Arena has hosted some incredible acts over the years, from super-mega-stars to the support acts that precede them, everyone one of the acts that perform here are sure to make every effort to impress for their audience. However, every once in a while, there is a show that arrives that completely blows peoples socks off with their ingenuity, enthusiasm or simply plain stage presence.

To celebrate #WorldCreativityDay on the 21st of April, we’ve put together a list of the top four acts to grace the stage and put on a show that everyone in attendance is sure to remember! 

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Elvis In Concert Live On Screen With The Royal Philharmonic Concert Orchestra

How do you create an event that is as big, as spectacular, as grandiose as the artist’s work? It’s safe to say that most people on the planet know of Elvis Presley, his work has permeated through TV shows, Films and Radios since he first released his music in the 1950’s.

After his untimely death in 1977, the legend of Elvis Presley has lived on throughout many forms, including the recent Baz Luhrmann film that was released in 2022, to rave reviews. Another, being Elvis Live on Screen with the Royal Philharmonic Concert Orchestra! This one of kind show mixes Elvis on the big screen as the Royal Philharmonic Concert Orchestra plays his greatest hits!

The king is returning to screens at Resorts World Arena this October! Makes sure you grab your tickets fast by clicking the link.



Deadmau5 (pronounced Dead Mouse, for those of you who were wondering) is an act who’s individuality speaks for itself! Instantly recognisable with his awesome, trippy Micky Mouse Head behind the DJ decks, the creativity and individuality of his shows are unparalleled!

Whether it’s the bright, hypnotic colour of his visuals or the intrinsic electronic music that fills the arena with such joy and elation, Deadmau5 has been a very welcome addition to Resorts World Arena history, and we would be honoured to have him back again for a trip you wouldn’t want to miss!

Gaga 4.jpg

Lady Gaga

What can be said about Mother Monster that hasn’t already been said? This lady changed the game in 2008 when she burst into the pop scene with her megahit ‘Just Dance’ and the world hasn’t stopped moving to her bops since. She has continually raised the bar in not only pop music, but the visuals and pop-royalty package.

When she graced the Resorts World Arena stage with her energetic dance numbers, insane visuals and elaborate costume changes, you knew that this New York native is a performer through and through, and we for one are keeping our fingers crossed that she’ll be back to Birmingham again soon! 

Disney On Ice (1)

Disney on Ice

Disney has been capturing people’s hearts for nearly a century now and is a key part in many a childhood across the world. The whimsical animations and colours have revolutionised media for many years, and their live show is no exception.

Transporting your favourite Disney characters to the Ice Rink, the detailed choreography and incredible athleticism perfectly translates your favourite Disney stories into a beautiful tale told through dancing...on ice! Disney on Ice will be returning to Resorts World Arena this November and December!

Make sure to grab your tickets to this one of a kind show by clicking the link.