The Greatest Disney Films according to us!

Okay, we’re in a safe space here so it’s time for us to be real for a second: Whether you’re 2, or 102, everyone's got a favourite Disney film.

Disney has captured the hearts of so many of us at such a young age, that no matter where you are, at what point of your life, there’s nothing that will make you feel like a kid again more than your favourite Disney film.

With over 60 animated theatrical releases under their belt, Disney is one of the most recognisable brands across the globe and Resorts World Arena is incredibly proud to be hosting Disney 100 on the 6th June! To celebrate this magical show, we’re counting down our favourite Disney films ever!


Little Mermaid

"Grew up watching the little mermaid every weekend for months (probably years). I used to love how Ariel brushes her hair with the fork while dreaming about the outside world! I also loved her little fried Flounder, so adorable!"

– Miren, Marketing Manager, The Ticket Factory

Sleeping Beauty

“I always related to Aurora from a young age; spends her whole teenage years hiding from people until a minor inconvenience makes her sleep for years! I loved the scary aspects of it and let's not forget the most iconic villain of all time, Maleficent!”

- Jordan, Digital Marketing Executive, The Ticket Factory

Lion King

“The Lion King was my favourite film growing up and it always stuck with me. I’ve always loved lions, so this was a no brainer!”

– Andy, Digital Marketing Manager, The Ticket Factory


“I’ve always loved Tangled! Mandy Moore was born to be a Disney princess and her unique voice was perfect to play Rapunzel! I love the scene where Rapunzel and Flynn are surrounded by lanterns and sing ‘I See The Light’ - chills every time!”

- Harriet, Event Marketing Manager, The Ticket Factory

Toy Story

“My favourite Disney film has to be Toy Story as it's my earliest memory of Disney, blasting out the soundtrack on tape in my dad's car - Who doesn't love a sing along right?!”

- Joe, Senior Marketing Manager, The Ticket Factory

Jungle Book

“Jungle book will always be number 1 for me. I loved watching the original on VHS at my grandma's when I was little, and it has reminded my fav Disney film ever since. Although I enjoyed the most recent live action remakes the original will forever be my fave.”

- Jack, Event Marketing Executive, The Ticket Factory

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