Ed Sheeran Is Back

Everyone’s favourite singer-songwriter, Ed Sheeran, has finally returned to music after a little break away from the industry. However, the lad hasn’t just been sat with his feet up, whilst juggling his new-born, Ed has started churning out the hits again – and he's just teased his newest single 'Bad Habits'.

So, this is all we've been given so far from Ed on his new release 'Bad Habits' and it's pretty intriguing to say the least...



Looking like a real-life mix between Robert Patterson's character in Twilight and The Joker, Ed's teased us for some time now across his social media channels with the news of new music. And we're literally so here for it. 


During his hiatus, Ed gave us Afterglow which is a beautiful record. It's very Ed Sheeran and kept fans across the world happy until he's highly-anticipated (proper) return to music - and it feels like the 25th June is the date we now can all get ready for! 


We don't really know what to expect from Bad Habits, but there's no doubt that all these teaser videos and audio bytes have got us chomping at the bit! Roll on next week, we NEED this new music in our life! 


Now, we haven't got any Ed Sheeran dates pencilled in just yet - but if (and when) we do, we can let you guys know about it right away by signing up below!