Spooky Stories From Resorts World Arena!

Where has this year gone, guys? It seems like just yesterday we were packing up the tinsel and preparing ourselves for the chocolate-y chaos that is Easter.

As soon as the nights start to get darker and the wind begins to chill, you know that Halloween is right around the corner! Here at Resorts World Arena, we love a good spooky season, and if you look hard enough, there’s always a good spooky tale to be told wherever you may be...

So, to celebrate Halloween 2023 - Here’s some short horror haikus that will give every concert goer a good scare!

TA000051 - Halloween Blog Assets_8.jpg

There’s nowhere to buy 

One click, sold out fast,

No tickets left to be sold,

Need to text group chat. 

The queue most travelled 

Bar queue looks endless, 

Why have you ordered cocktails? 

I just want a pint. 

A monster (your ex) in the crowd 

This band sang our song, 

And now you’re with another 

At least I’ve got friends. 

Missing your chance 

Stuck in the loos, woe. 

I should’ve checked the setlist 

For my fave-y song.

The great sign of misery 

The crowd roars ahead, 

But I can only see darkness.  

Can you move your sign? 

Something is in your (back) seat! 

I’m too scared to say 

“Your coat doesn’t need a seat 

My old knees do, thanks.”