PSA Valentine's Day is on Sunday 14 February! Don't worry that’s not this Sunday but next Sunday. (You've got time) As we're in lockdown this year we've got to think a little bit differently, and as always, we have got your back! Check out our guide for all you lockdown lovers, whether it's Valentine's, Galentine's or Palentine's we've got you covered.


Right you lot, we want you to forget about the traditional flowers and chocolates this Valentine’s day (come on we know you can do better than that) and give one of our lockdown love tips a go!  

Remember spread love, not Covid!

  1. Have an in-house bar crawl

Now nothing quite makes up for not being able to go to the pub of course but why not attempt to bring the pub to you? Each room can be a different boozer with your fave drinks lined up ready or you could make a drink for the room like bubbles in the bathroom! You could even turn one room into the cluubbb and end the night there. (ahh remember the club).


  1. Eat heart shaped food all day

Set yourselves the challenge to only eat heart shaped food all day! We know what you’re thinking what food is heart shaped..!? Well, let us tell you there’s more than you think. We’re talking crumpets, pizza, pasta, cookies, brownies, bagels all the good stuff! And if you order a heart shape cutter then anything can be heart shaped, go wild!


  1. Say it with a song lyric

We know you’ve got that one special song, you know your song. The one that gives you all the feels. Well, you could make it mean so much more by turning it into a print! We think it’ll look great on your living room wall!


  1. Movie night at home

So, the classic cinema date is obviously off the cards but why not create a cinema in your house! You could even treat yourselves to a projector to really feel like you’re at the big screen. And, don’t worry if you are not in the same house, just download Netflix Party (game changer) Make some popcorn, turn it up loud and word on the street One Stop is even selling Ice blasts, absolute perfection!


  1. Write a love letter

Look, we’ve all heard the saying actions speak louder than words… however we completely disagree! Hands up who’s got a box of cards and letters stashed under your bed, yet can’t remember what you got for Christmas… You know we are right! Words come straight from the heart and guarantee to make your loved ones feel extra special. Go on, get a pen and paper.


  1. Recreate spa day

Finally, who doesn’t love a spa day! Create a little pamper hamper for a loved one, filled with face masks, bath bombs, both types of bubbles (one for the bath and one for the glass) and chocolates. Get a white fluffy robe on dim the lights, cue the spa music, close your eyes and you will feel like you are at the real spa.