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Ask For

Here at Resorts World Arena, we know how important the environment inside our venue is to you lovely fans. So, we have taken an extra safety precaution by introducing “Ask for Angela”, a safeguarding campaign that helps people who feel like they’re in an unsafe situation during a night out. 

Whether you feel intimidated or find yourself in a difficult situation, our staff will be on hand to act quickly and discreetly to support anyone who asks for “Angela”.  

This isn’t the only ‘Ask For’ campaign we run, though. If you’ve been to Resorts World Arena over the last few years, you may have noticed “Ask for Clive” posters and screens on display throughout our venue. These are to encourage customers who see any discrimination or abuse of LGBTQ+ people to report it to staff by discreetly communicating the codeword “Clive”. 

We understand that not everyone can easily communicate the codeword verbally, so to help, we’ve also added “Ask for Angela” and “Ask for Clive” as an item on food and beverage menus via the Zapaygo app. We hope our renewed efforts help create a safer, more enjoyable experience for everyone.